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April Flowers

  • Plant trees, shrubs, perennials, cole crops, pansies, snapdragons & petunias
  • Prune overgrown junipers and yews
  • Spray apple and crabapple trees for cedar apple rust
  • Check pines for disease
  • Prune, uncover, fertilize and plant roses in early to mid-April
  • Seed or sod cool season grass
  • Fertilize perennials
  • Tune into 1350 KMAN Radio every Saturday morning at 8:06 am for Blueville's Horticulture Hints!

April 6th, 2013 - 10 am - Call to sign up
Gardening for Beginners -
Gregg Eyestone with Riley county extension will give advice on gardening for the novice and experienced gardener   
April 12th and 13th
Geranium & Pink Sale
4 pack Seed Geraniums $2.99 each, receive an extra 10% off if you wear pink
April 20th
Lady Bug Breakfast
8:30 to 10 am - for kids 4 to 12 years old. Children get to plant their own flower pot and take home. Free of charge. Parents will receive 25% off merchandise during breakfast. Call to sign up.
April 22nd - April 27th
Container Tree Sale
25% off container trees

Horticulture Hints

Garden Tools

I am sure you have heard of the term, "Use the right tool for the job"! This goes for gardening as well.  Gardeners can collect different tools through the years and they always have one they especially like. Being a gardener doesn’t mean you have to own all kinds of fancy tools, but buying a good quality tool is always helpful.

There are some basic tools to have when gardening.

  1. Shovel – you will need this for digging, planting, and chopping hard ground. Always remember to have a sharp edge for easier digging. A good quality shovel may cost more but will last for years and keep a sharp edge.
  2. Hand trowel – Be sure and buy one that feels good in your hand. These come in a couple different widths, you will probably end up with a couple depending on the job.
  3. Hoe – Weeding is one of those jobs you cannot avoid.  The best tool for the job is a hoe.  Again a good quality tool is a must! Forged or rolled steel will last a life time. A good sharp blade is a must and they come in all kinds of widths and shapes.
  4. Pruners- You will need pruners for deadheading, pruning and shaping plants all season long. Good pruners are and must! We especially like Felco. Felco pruners are made for all sizes of hands and for different jobs that need to be done. Once again, always keep your blade sharp. This will keep you from tearing and ripping leaves that can damage your plants.  
  5. Loppers - The long handles let you reach far and exert a high amount of leverage with minimal exertion, letting you comfortably cut anything that can fit entirely between the blades when open. Typically, this includes wood of up to one inch in diameter or somewhat more.
  6. Garden Forks – Pick one with square tines, not round, they have the most strength. These work great for breaking up soil.
  7. Gloves – We especially like the atlas gloves. They are strong enough to protect you hands but, light enough you can work in them.
  8. Rake- yard rakes for leaves and collecting debris. Hard Rakes for grading.
  9. Hose – A good quality hose eliminates a lot of headaches. There is nothing more frustrating than a kink in the hose while you are trying to water. Buy a heavy duty hose the proper length and gardening will be much more enjoyable.
  10. Watering wand with breaker – The wand extends your reach making it easier to water the base of plants or reach to hanging baskets. Breakers soften the water flow to avoid plant damage from harsh pressure and damage to plants or soil erosion.
  11. Watering Can - This device is especially nice when mixing fertilizers and other such things so you can place the mixture exactly where you want it. Buckets work, but it’s hard to regulate how much you’re pouring that way.
  12. There is a whole list of tools left to discuss but for the beginning gardener this is a great start. Consider your tools as an investment, something you will use for years.

Make sure you clean your tools when finished for the day, use a garden hose or pressure washer to remove any dirt and allow them to dry naturally or dry them off with a cloth or an old towel. Once your tools are clean and dry store them away in a sheltered location such as a, garage, or a garden shed.

We have a great selection of quality tools available at the garden store. Be sure and stop by so we help you select the right tool for the job!

Nancy's Notebook

It’s Spring! It’s Spring!! We are certainly ready for some nice weather here at Blueville. If you have stopped by, you may have noticed that we don’t have many plants outside in front of our Garden Store. There is a reason for that! With temperatures dipping into the 20’s at night, we like to protect the root system. We keep plant material in our poly-houses during extreme temperatures to prevent you from taking home a damaged plant. We also have concerns with damaging buds and blooms. We will keep trees that are ready to leaf out in our warehouse to ensure that you take home a quality tree, shrub, or perennial. We are hopeful that by Saturday of this week we can keep the majority of our plant material outside and more available to our customers. That doesn’t mean you can’t ask if we have something available, we might just have it tucked away. It is safe to plant now. We will be getting shipments almost daily now that the weather is getting warmer. We are so excited to see green beautiful plants again!

We are having a seminar on April 6th for Beginning Gardeners. Gregg Eyestone with Riley County Extension will visit about vegetable and flower gardening. You can ask all the questions you want, and you don’t have to be a novice to attend.

April 12 and 13th is the Geranium and Pink Sale. Then on, April 20th from 8:30 am to 10:00 am we are having a Ladybug Breakfast. This is for children for ages 4 to 12. Each child will get to plant a container of flowers and take it home! We will also provide breakfast! Parents and Grandparents are invited as well and those parents who attend will get a 25% discount off of items during the breakfast. Please call to sign up so we have plenty of containers and food. 785-539-2217.

Don’t forget we can help you select the right plant for the right spot. Bring us pictures and measurements and we can draw you a quick design. Or, if it needs a bit more attention for you “Do it yourselfers” we can send someone to the site.

We look forward to a great Spring!!! See you soon.

Avery's Additions

It appears as though Spring is here!  With the season comes planting time and we have everything you need to get going.  We are continuously stocking our premium trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals.  With our great selection of items to keep your lawn and landscape happy, you are sure to have the best yard on the block.

Our annual Geranium Sale & Pink Day is April 12th and 13th.  Don’t miss this great event with 4 pack geraniums on sale for $2.99 or flats for $21.00. Be sure and wear pink and enjoy and extra 10% OFF your entire Garden Store purchase.  A portion of the day’s profits benefit breast cancer research.


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