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  • Treat lawns with Dylox for grub control
  • Fertilize roses for the last time this season
  • Select new houseplants, decorative pots and accessories
  • Plant fall garden: beets, beans, carrots, radishes, broccoli, spinach, etc.
  • Plant container trees, shrubs & perennials
  • Late August: plant cool season lawns (fescue,bluegrass and ryegrass)
  • Aug. 15 - Sept: Fertilize lawns with ferti-lome Lawn Food + Iron

August 10-18, 2012
Take a ride through our fields to pick a tree for fall planting!
25% OFF < 3” Diameter Field Trees
50% OFF 3”+ Diameter Field Trees
50% OFF 45 Gallon Potted Trees
50% OFF Balled & Burlap Trees

Horticulture Hints

Accents for the Garden

lindquistIt has certainly been a very warm one this summer and planting this summer has not been on the top of anyone’s priorities in the garden. All we can do is water and maintain. Adding some points of interest to the garden can be done now and requires no watering!

Fountains make an excellent focal point, especially in an area where you can sit and enjoy the sound. The sound of running water is very relaxing and fountains come in so many sizes and styles, you're sure to find something just right for your landscape. Tabletop fountains are perfect for the patio or sun porch and can easily be moved indoors when winter arrives.  

Birdbaths are another nice accent to the yard and integrate nicely into perennial borders and flowering annual beds. Attracting birds to your garden is very beneficial in controlling insect pests, and birds are also fun for the whole family to watch.         

 A trellis, obelisk, or arbor will direct your eye to a given spot in the garden. Place a beautiful climbing rose, clematis or an annual vine like morning glory or mandevilla on them and you've got a beautiful addition to the landscape. With a combination of trellises or a tri-fold garden panel, you can create outdoor room for a more intimate atmosphere. We also have some whimsical balls and baskets that would look great lined with moss and flowers.                                                                          

Garden statuary, plaques, decorative stepping stones, and sundials can all add a special style to your garden making the space as unique as you are.  Keep a few things in mind to determine placement of statues, sculptures or figurines. Larger statuary will set the tone for your garden design, so make sure it works well with the existing style and that it sets the desired tone. In casual designs a statue should be set off to one side rather than centered. Just about any statue is best when tucked into foliage, accompanied by plants, or grounded by a pedestal or pavers. Try to achieve what would be a natural setting if the statue were real.                 

Add a freestanding fire pit for a garden or yard accent. The warmth that a fire pit can provide can keep you comfortable outdoors much longer in spring and fall seasons when the evening air holds a bite. Check out our outdoor fireplace and patio in our new outdoor living area, a great addition to any home. 

Wind chimes and solar hanging lights can add a new dimension reaching into the trees or hanging from a shepherds’ hook.  They add light and a pleasing sound. We have many wind chimes to choose from, and some are tuned perfectly to make a symphony in your yard.

Don’t forget to add a bench to view your gardens and accents. A brightly colored bench is always a fun addition, but if you want a more traditional option wood and concrete are available.

There is still work you can do in the garden, it may not be the best time to plant, but you can always add an accent. Accents can be just as important to a garden when properly placed. We have many to choose from at the Garden Store and we are open all summer long!

Nancy's Notebook

Fall Gardening Time

If you’re a vegetable gardener, it’s time to get things ready for the fall season. Although it’s too late for replanting crops like tomato and corn, many vegetables perform well as the cool days of September arrive. Green beans mature in about 50 days and are not frost hardy, so they should be planted early.  Lettuce, spinach and other leafy crops produce quickly and can be planted in succession throughout the fall. With a covering of straw through the winter season spinach can last virtually all winter. Turnips and radishes are tolerant of frost and will grow late into the season. Cole crops such as cabbage and broccoli love cool weather and often produce better in the late fall season than in the early days of summer. We will have transplants available for cole crops in September. With the high temperatures it may difficult to start plants outside, an alternative is to start seeds inside and as temperatures cool you can gradually introduce your plants to the vegetable garden. Light fertilizer applications may help ‘overworked’ garden plots but avoid deep tillage that may rob the ground of moisture.

Avery's Additions

Our Tag-A-Tree Sale is August 10th – 18th This is a wonderful tree sale featuring fantastic trees at great prices!  Here’s how it works. Field trees that are less than 3” in diameter are 25% OFF, field trees that are more than 3” in diameter are 50% OFF, and trees in 45 gallon pots and balled and burlap trees are 50% off as well.  We ask 50% down at selection, and rest when you receive your tree in the fall. To explain the above terminology a bit better, field trees are trees that are currently planted in the ground.  These trees will be dug up in the fall after they begin to lose their leaves and go dormant.  They are then ready to be planted in your yard.  Balled and burlap trees have been previously dug and are wrapped in burlap.  Balled and burlap trees as well as 45 gallon potted trees will be ready to plant in the fall.

Some tree varieties, and their sizes, that are currently planted in the field are: Urbanite Ash 4”, Pacific Sunset Maple 3”, Autumn Blaze Maple 2-3”, Royal Raindrops Crabapple 2”, Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple 2-4”, Frontier Elm 2-4”, Burgundy Belle Maple 2-3”, Hotwings Maple 1-2”, and more!


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