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  • Our container plants have been moved into polyhouses to protect fragile root systems in pots from cold temperatures. However, it is NOT too late too plant trees and shrubs! The warmth from the earth's soil is protection enough.
  • Apply ferti·lome Winterizer to cool season grasses
  • Mulch roses
  • Wrap young trees to protect from sun scald
  • Pick out a cut or living Christmas tree
  • Decorate with fresh wreaths and boughs
  • Brighten your home with poinsettias

January 19, 2013
"Getting birds in your yard and keeping them there!"

Presented by Chuck Otte, the agriculture and natural resources agent of Geary County and the co-author of "The Birds of Kansas". Chuck will discuss bird feeding, bird houses and landscaping. Sessions will be at 10 am and 1 pm. Call to sign up. 539-2217

Horticulture Hints

Christmas Tree Care

The Garden Store carries 2 types of cut Christmas trees: Frazier Firs, & Scotch Pines.

The Frazier Fir has 1” needles that are a silvery-grey and soft to the touch. There are nice gaps between the branches making it easier to decorate than some trees. The stiff branches hold heavier ornaments. The trees grow to almost perfect shapes and as long as the cut tree is kept properly watered, the Frasier Fir has excellent needle retention.

The Scotch Pine has very dark green needles that can be stiff and sharp.  It is sheared heavily making few gaps for ornaments. It keeps its needles for a long time, resists drying, and it doesn’t drop needles.

To make sure you have a long lasting Christmas tree here are a few tips:

When you get your tree home, be sure you make a fresh cut, about a ½ inch disk from the base of the trunk. If you purchase a tree from Blueville that cut has already been made for you.

Put your tree in a tree stand as soon as possible. Use a stand that holds adequate water. For every inch of diameter you will need a quart of water. Buy a stand that can hold your tree without whittling the side of your trunk. The outside layers of the wood are the most efficient in taking up water. Check your water levels daily!

Place your tree away from a heat source such as air vents and fireplaces to keep it from drying out. You may consider lowering the temperature in your house as well.

Always turn your lights off on your tree when leaving the house and inspect them before using for electrical problems.

Be sure to not leave it in the house too long after the holidays; a dry tree is a fire hazard. Check for a recycling program in your area.

A potted living tree is another option for the holidays.  A living tree can be used indoors for no longer than 7-10 days. Warm temperatures can cause the tree to break dormancy, subjecting it to major shock when it’s taken back outdoors to be planted. Place your tree in a cool spot in the house, away from fireplaces or heater vents. If the rootball appears dry, water it well before bringing it in and cover with a plastic bag to conserve moisture.

Select your planting site and dig the hole before the ground freezes. Make sure the hole is large enough to accommodate the root ball with 6” to spare on all sides. Excess soil should be covered with mulch or moved to a garage to protect from freezing.

Once planted, water the tree thoroughly. If the weather remains warm, water weekly until the ground freezes. It may be necessary to water again during the “January thaw.” In the spring when the ground has thawed. Continue to water thoroughly every 7-10 days when natural rainfall does not occur.

We carry Colorado Spruce along with Austrian, Limber, and Bosnian Pines for Christmas tree use in an assortment of sizes.


Nancy's Notebook

Amazing Amaryllis and Paperwhites

To get winter color and watch flowers arise seemingly overnight, plant Amaryllis or Paperwhites.

The amaryllis come from the tropical regions of South America.  They grow almost 3’ tall and generally have four blooms per stem.  Found in shades of red, pink, salmon, white and bicolor, these exquisite blooms reach 6-8” in diameter, putting on a show that few flowers can rival.

Amaryllis bulbs come prepotted or bare root.  To start a prepotted bulb, simply place the bulb in a warm place and water sparingly till the stem appears. As the bud and leaves become visible, the bulb will gradually require more water and brighter light.  Remember the larger the bulb, the more blooms they’ll produce. 

Watching the rapid growth rate of an amaryllis would make a wonderful project for the whole family. Measure your amaryllis daily and record its height in a journal.  I  think you’ll be amazed at how much they grow each day.

Paperwhites are another fun bulb to grow. To get started select a water tight dish and fill it with loose gravel or decorative rock.  A shallow container works fine.

Place enough bulbs on top of the gravel to make a nice display (pack them side by side for best results) and fill the container with water.  The bulbs should sit on top of the water, not submerged.

Place the dish in a warm place, within several days the bulbs should begin to grow roots.  When sprouts begin to appear on top of the bulb, move them to a bright, sunny window and stand back!  The foliage grows quickly and flower buds should appear in about three weeks. When the buds begin to open, move your bouquet to a cooler spot to prolong the bloom.  Check the water level daily, especially in shallow dishes.

We have everything you need at the Garden Store so you can enjoy the blooms of winter.

We at Blueville want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We will be closed from 12pm on December 24th and reopen January 2nd.

Avery's Additions

Christmas is just around the corner and we have the right gifts for the people on your list! We have fun garden and home décor as well as small indoor fountains, poinsettias, terrariums, bird feeders and supplies, garden tools, and so much more! 

Our premium greens and boughs are in as well as Christmas trees, wreaths, and garland. Fresh greens are a great addition to your home and the fragrance is hard to beat!  Arrange them in your outdoor pots for a festive display or place them in your home for cheerful centerpieces.  Be sure to check out our great selection of high quality Christmas ornaments and home décor!

Don’t forget you can give the gift of Spring with a Blueville Gift Card!



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