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  • Plant container trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals (use fertilome Root Stimulator & MYKE)
  • BAGWORM ALERT! Check your evergreens and spray as needed - earlier is better!
  • Treat lawns with Merit for grubs in early July
  • Fertilize annuals every ten days with fertilome Blooming and Rooting
  • Mow cool season grasses at 3 1/2"
  • Water Lawns approximately 1" per week
  • Fertilize roses with fertilome Rose Food
  • SUMMER IS HERE...Water trees & Shrubs!

July 11th, 6pm
Bring Your Own Tomato!
Call to sign up! Join us for a tomato seminar and swap gardening tips and favorite tomato varieties! We’ll provide the bacon and the fixins’ for BLT’s!

July 18th, 6pm
Hummingbird Seminar
Join Chuck Otte as he shares information on hummingbird varieties, feeding and attracting them to your yard. Spaces are limited call to sign up. 785-539-2217

Horticulture Hints

Evening Landscaping

Summer is here and temperatures are rising! This means we spend more time in the garden in the cool of the evening. Why not design an evening landscape to be enjoyed from your deck or patio from 6pm and beyond.

First of all pick a spot that is easily viewed from where you are going to hang out in the evening. As always, start with a design!

Light colors, such as white, show up best in the dark. Purples, blues and reds do not reflect the glow of evening light and consequently are not easily seen. If you choose to use perennials make sure you consider blooms times. Have a succession of blooms from early spring to late fall. An example would be white hyacinths for early spring, bleeding heart for mid spring; Becky daisies for summer and for a fall bloom select white blooming mums or asters.

Soft colors add a lot to evening gardens as well. The light yellows of Moonbeam Coreopsis and Happy Return’s Daylily are beautiful in the moonlight. Bright colored foliage is also great for viewing, such as the silvery foliage of Lamium and the creamy variegated leaves of Hostas.

Don’t forget to add annuals to your landscape! White impatiens really adds a lot of color to a night landscape. Some other good choices would be Petunias, Nicotiana, and white Lobelia.

Fragrance is intoxicating in the evening garden; somehow those great smells linger in the air. Add herbs such as mints, oregano and dill, the breeze will waif the scents your direction. Use creeping thyme between your walk ways. When stepped on they release a wonderful fragrance. Heliotrope, alyssum, stock and petunias and have a beautiful sweet aroma that just makes you feel good. There are also shrub options for fragrance such as Juddi Viburnum and Little Henry Sweetspire.

Some other fun ideas to add to the ambiance would be to add outdoor lighting or a pondless water feature which Blueville’s landscapers can design and install. Fountains with led lights found at the Garden Store are also beautiful to observe in the evening. You may consider adding a string of lights to brighten up a late night party, or installing solar storing lights. Most of all have fun!

Don’t forget to landscape for the evening hours so you can enjoy the garden after a long hard day at work, or in the cool of the night. Call Blueville for additional landscape ideas or installation of your very own evening landscape.

Nancy's Notebook

Summer is Here!

Summer is here! Temperatures are on the rise, but we have been blessed with cooler temperatures than last year! Be aware that if we do not receive rains and the temperatures rise, plant material will need additional watering, especially anything newly planted. Hot winds will also play a role on the stress of plants, watch for scorching and leaf drop.

The bagworms are out! Make sure you are taking care of them while they are small! Use Fertilome Bagworm, Borer and Leaf Miner Killer with spinosad, or Hi Yield 38 plus with permethrin. Watch for grasshoppers and squash bugs too! We have what you need for them as well.

July 11th is Bring Your Own Tomato at 6 pm. Bring your prized tomato to share and we will provide the bacon and the rest of the fixins for BLT’s. We would love to hear your tips on growing tomatoes and we will provide some great information to take home. July 18th at 6 pm Chuck Otte with Geary County extension, and resident bird expert, will visit about Hummingbirds. Chuck will share information on feeding, identification, and attracting them to your yard! We have all kinds of hummingbird feeders and a new clear food mix.

We still have plenty of plant material and you can plant container plants all year long, just as long as you keep them watered.

Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July!

Avery's Additions

As the summer humidity rises, brown patch begins to show in lawns. Brown patch can be seen in well-defined spots but most commonly appears in general areas. This disease prefers warm nights and extended periods of leaf wetness. Brown patch can be treated and is typically not detrimental to a lawn. Treat brown patch with fertilome F-Stop which is a systemic fungicide. If your lawn is prone to brown patch be aware of humidity and night time temperatures. If your lawn is prone to fungus F-Stop can be applied in mid-June to keep your lawn healthy. Other things to consider when controlling brown patch are to irrigate in the early morning rather than the evening and not to over fertilize.

Don’t forget we have all of your Summer bird feeding supplies including Oriole and Hummingbird feeds as well as songbird feeders and food. As always, we have front door parking and a helpful staff. Stop by and see us!


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