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  • Plant container trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals(use fertilome Root Stimulator)
  • BAGWORM ALERT! Check your evergreens and spray as needed - earlier is better
  • Treat lawns with Merit for grubs in early July
  • Fertilize annuals every ten days with fertilome Blooming and Rooting
  • Mow cool season grasses at 3 1/2"
  • Water lawns approximately 1" per week
  • Fertilize roses with fertilome Rose Food
  • SUMMER IS HERE....Water trees and shrubs!

July 24th - 6 pm
Ladies Night
Spaces are limited. Call to sign up!
This year we are celebrating Downton Abbey with a tea party at Blueville! Enjoy appetizers and 2 seminars on floral arranging and designing a cut flower garden. There will be prizes and everyone takes home a gift. Free of charge.

Horticulture Hints

Enjoy your garden with sitting areas

I never get enough of outdoor living spaces or sitting areas. After working hard in the spring to get the landscaping looking great, it is time to enjoy the beauty of what you have accomplished at your home. A sitting area can be anything as formal as a slate patio with furniture to a rustic bench under a tree. At my home there’s a bench or a chair in plain view most anywhere you look. I just positively love that sitting areas work most anywhere and they don’t have to cost a bundle.

Consider location, maybe under a shade tree to provide protection from the hot sun in full view of a perennial bed; even next to a pondless waterfall to enjoy the sound of water. Proximity to the house or outdoor room may also be important. Place at the end of a destination, along a path to a garden spot. Add some elements to make these spaces more enjoyable such as a firepit or a small fountain.

What’s your space for? It is for you to enjoy your morning coffee, which will require a chair and a small table, or for reading a good book, which you may prefer a nice lounge chair.

Incorporate special pieces that mean something to you or provide a pop of color to attract you to your spot. Earth tones might look nice in your living room, but in the outdoors they will blend in with the surroundings. Black tends to be stylish inside the home, but can become very hot in direct sunlight. To complement the greens and browns of the outdoors, you can add a splash of bold, brightly colored accessories. For a touch of drama, you might consider swapping out those faded cushions on your outdoor furniture for bold and colorful ones. Using bright colored pottery with bold colors of annuals will add a lot to a sitting area.

When picking furniture not everything that’s cute is comfortable, nor is comfort any guarantee of cuteness! My own goal is to try and hit a happy medium with both. Being comfortable but having it complement the landscape so that it blends with the elements.

Outdoor sitting areas can also be quite large and beautifully landscaped with pavers, fireplaces and rock benches. To view a good example look at our outdoor living area installed behind our Garden Store. These spaces enlarge your living area to include nature and function as a gathering area for family and friends. Pete Reid landscape designer for Blueville Nursery has been installing beautiful outdoor living areas for the last few years and the homeowners are always thrilled with their new living space amongst the outdoors.

Always consider outdoor lighting. This can be as simple as a lantern or tea light or a beautifully designed lighting system. According to Pete Reid our Landscape Designer – “An outdoor sitting area without nightlighting is a lot like a cake without its frosting. Sure the cake will get the job done when you eat it but it sure looks and tastes better with frosting. When utilizing your outdoor sitting area here in Kansas you always have to consider the always changing seasonal weather. No one really knows from day to day what to expect when it comes to fluxtuating temperatures and wind. What we do know is that morning and evening hours are usually some of the most enjoyable times of the day to spend in your outdoor living areas. The advantage of landscape lighting is that your morning and evening hours can be extended dramatically with the ambiance of some well placed LED lights. Today LED outdoor lighting is adding that extra touch that people seem to enjoy almost as much as the sitting area itself. The night lighting industry has come a long way in the last 10 years, producing better quality products that last, so that companies like Blueville can take pride in helping clients with their landscape lighting needs. We light up our rooms inside our homes, why not light up our rooms outside the home.”

An outdoor sitting area can be as simple as a bench to extravagent as a paved patio. What ever way you plan you will be sure to enjoy your landscape! As always you can stop by for ideas or request a professionally designed sitting area.

Nancy's Notebook

Pesky Pests

Be on the lookout for those pests in your gardens and landscapes. Overnight, the bagworms arrived, munching almost anything. They do not strictly eat evergreens; you can find them on any foliage. Spray them now while they are small. It is very difficult to control them when they reach a more mature size.

With this heat it is very important to keep plants watered especially newly planted material. We have been getting frequent rains, but that could stop any day. Make sure you are cutting your lawn at a higher height as well to keep it from scorching.

Some pest and disease problems to be on the alert for in the garden and landscape.

Brown patch on Lawns - use F-stop or System Fungicide

Bagworms - Bagworm, Borer Killer with Spinosad or Hi Yield 38 plus

Caterpillars on shrubs and veggies - Spinosad, Bt, or Bayer Multi-Insect Killer with Cyfluthrin.

Nutsedge - Use Hi Yield Nutsedge killer in combination with Spreader Sticker

Grasshoppers - Semaspore, carbaryl and Bayer Multi- Insect Killer.

Spider Mites - Hard blast of water on the underneath side of leaves, or Horticulture Oil

Avery's Additions

As the summer humidity rises, brown patch begins to show in lawns. Brown patch can be seen in well-defined spots but most commonly appears in general areas. This disease prefers warm nights, 70 degrees and warmer, and extended periods of leaf wetness. Brown patch can be treated and is typically not detrimental to a lawn. Treat brown patch with fertilome F-Stop which is a systemic fungicide. If your lawn is prone to fungus be aware of nighttime temperatures and apply F-Stop in mid-June to keep your lawn healthy. Other things to consider when controlling brown patch are to irrigate in the early morning rather than the evening and not to over fertilize.

Don’t forget we have all of your Summer bird feeding supplies including Oriole and Hummingbird feeds as well as songbird feeders and food. As always, we have front door parking and a helpful staff. Stop by and see us!


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