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June Planting

  • Plant trees, shrubs, grasses, perennials and annuals
  • Fertilize and spray roses
  • Add fountains, birdbaths and ponds to your landscape
  • Apply fungicides to turf, perennials, shrubs, etc.
  • Inspect plants for insects and disease
  • Fertilize fescue and bluegrass lawns with fertlome Southwest Greenmaker slow release nitrogren
  • Apply weed and grass preventer to flower and shrub beds

June 9th, 2012
50 Year Celebration
Free lunch and prizes
50% off shrubs at the Garden Store

June 14th, 2012, 6pm
Ladies Night
Fabulous Fiesta!
Learn about container design and creating a terrarium. Everyone receives a gift, and a chance to win prizes. 20% off merchandise, and an extra 5% if you wear your best baubles and beads. Must call to sign up. 539-2217

June 16th, 2012
Father Day Sale
Buy a tree for Dad and we will plant it free! Container trees only, 3 tree limit. Garden store purchases only. Not applicable to previous purchases.

Horticulture Hints

Summer Lawn Care

As we head into summer our lawns can take quite a beating. With the high temperatures and the lack of rain we struggle to keep it that beautiful lush green. There are a few tips to keep your lawn as healthy as possible this summer.

Water Wisely – Lawns need at least one inch of water per week, and more if we have extreme temperatures. Place a rain gauge, or a straight sided can to keep track of the moisture from irrigation or rainfall.  It is important to water deeply and infrequently to encourage root growth to withstand drought. You should water early in the day to reduce evaporation and fungus problems.  Water regularly, or allow it to go dormant by not watering.If you let the yard go dormant, and do not try to revive it back to life.

Mowing - Mow your fescue lawns at 3 to 4” high, being careful to not remove more than a 1/3 of the grass blade at a time.  Always mow with a sharp blade.  Cutting your grass instead of tearing it will help eliminate stress on your lawn.

Fertilize- Don’t over fertilize your lawn.  Use a slow release fertilizer in mid-may such as Southwest Greenmaker to keep it looking great through-out the summer. If you don’t water and allow your lawn to go dormant, definitely do not fertilize.

Insects and Diseases –Brown patch can become a problem when night temperatures are above 65 degrees F and we have high humidity. Tall fescue is particularly susceptible. In Kansas this usually occurs in July and August.  Patches initially start out dark purple-green and then turn to a light tan or brown as the foliage dries out. The lawn may look drought stressed even though you have watered efficiently. If you look closely at the leaf blades you will see lesions that are a tan outlined with a dark border. Be sure and not over fertilize your lawn or water in the evenings to help prevent further infection.  If you have had problems in the past you should treat before the disease appears starting in June. The products recommended are ferti∙lome F-stop, Immunox or Fert∙lome Liquid Systemic fungicide.  

Grub control should be applied late May or the month of June with Hi-Yield Grub Free Zone. It contains Merit that is a season long control. If later in the season you see you have problems try Dylox which is a 24 hour kill. Symptoms of white grub infestation include wilting of grass in patches, eventually turning brown or dying, sod that pulls up easily with the white grubs visible underneath feeding on the roots. Increased feeding activity of birds, moles, or raccoons are another sign you may notice holes in the sod where critters have been digging. The damage is most noticeable in Fall or in dry spells, though serious infestations may be visible in Spring.

If you want to stop by the Garden Store with further questions or the products you need please stop by. We are open all summer long.

Nancy's Notebook

Watering Warriors

Summer is fast approaching and we have had some high temperatures and little rain. The heat in combination with our Kansas wind causes plant material to dry out quickly. The Garden store waters the plant material in containers three times a day during these spells to keep the plant material looking great and healthy.

Water evaporation on the leaf surface helps cool plants during very hot weather ( the same way perspiration keeps us cool), so the hotter it is, the more water a plant needs to cool. Water newly planted material almost daily and taper off as its gets more mature. Check the temperature of the water: in the heat, water in a hose can be scalding and damage plant material. 

Water container plants on a daily basis, even twice a day on extremely hot and windy days. Slowly water until it runs out the bottom to ensure water has soaked through the entire container. Use a water breaker at the end of the hose to help disperse the water stream, so you don’t blast the plants or the soil.

Raised beds also need extra attention in the summer, as the soil is generally amended with products to lighten and dry out much more quickly. Daily watering may be required.

As always, the best way to check for moisture is just reach into the soil with your finger or a steel rod. You want the moisture to reach a depth of 6 to 8 inches on most things for a good watering depth. Be careful not to overwater! Let plants dry out between watering: more mature plants rarely need extra attention, but always be aware of extra dry weather.

We have great dramm sprinklers and watering wands that will make watering a breeze. We also have gilmour hoses that will not kink and have a life time warranty. Be sure to check out all watering attachments and timers that will make you a watering warrior!

Avery's Additons

We have many exciting events coming up!  First is our 50th Anniversary Celebration, June 9th.  We will be grilling a free lunch and offering a 50% discount on our Garden Store plant material.  Our ever popular Lady’s Night is June 14th at 6pm.  There will be a 20% discount for those attending as well as classes to include Container Gardening and Creating Terrariums and a take home gift for everyone!  Don’t forget to wear you gaudy jewelry for an extra 5% discount!  Space is limited, so call the Garden Store to sign up. 

We will be having a Father’s Day Tree Sale Saturday, June 16th. Purchase a tree for your father and we will plant it for free!  Call the store for more information on our upcoming sales.


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