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May Planting

  • Plant trees ,shrubs, roses, tomatoes, annuals and perennials
  • Fertilize roses and begin spray program
  • Spray for sawflies on pines, including Mugho pines
  • Prune lilacs, forsythia and quince after they finish blooming
  • Spray for borers in birch, lilac and ash
  • Fertilize lawns with fertilome Greenmaker slow release fertilizer
  • Remember Mother's Day May 12th!

May 4th, 2013
Potting Party
Pick your plants, pick your pots, or bring your own pots from home! We provide the potting soil and help you plant great looking containers for sun or shade!

May 10th and 11th, 2013
Hanging Basket Sale
15% off our beautiful hanging baskets!

May 18th, 2013
15 minutes of expert landscape design by our professionals. Call to sign up for a time slot.

May 25th, 2013
Herb Weekend
Save on Herbs!

Horticulture Hints

All Summer Color

hanging basket

Soon it will be summer! Hard to believe after this long cold spring that it will be time to plant flowers. To achieve that all summer long color you just about have to use annuals. Some of the new shrub roses will give you great color, but you can’t beat annuals for bright beautiful colors in your landscape beds and containers. Annuals are flowers that will not live onto the next year, which might not be a bad thing! Next year you can change your whole color scheme.

Annuals do require some attention in the garden. They require more watering and fertilizing then your shrubs and perennials, so be prepared to go to the extra effort to get the maximum performance from your flowers.

When preparing your bed do all the things you would normally do, by tilling up the soil and adding adequate amounts of compost. Adding ferti∙lome Start and Grow is a specially made fertilizer for getting those annuals going and should be added at planting and again about every 30 days. Good bed preparation will go a long way to having the best plants with the biggest blooms.

When selecting annuals make sure you select for the amount of sun you receive in the spot you are planting. There are annuals that prefer certain locations and might work better for your area. When selecting your plants make sure to look for a sturdy plant that is not leggy in the pack with good dark green foliage. Although it may be difficult, it is best to pinch the blooms at planting.  This will encourage growth to the roots and leaves, and in the end, you will have tons of blooms.

There are lots of varieties to choose from and it can be a bit overwhelming so be sure and ask for advice for picking just the right plant for the right spot. Make sure to give your plants adequate water, some will require daily attention. Don’t forget heights and textures when picking annuals and use good potting soil when planting containers.

Here are some good choices of annuals.


Profusion Zinnias

Evolution Salvia

Wave and Super Petunias



Sun Coleus


Purslane and Moss Rose










Nancy's Notebook

Taking Care of Your Containers

containerTo take care of your beautifully designed container throughout the season you need to know the proper techniques. The most important thing to remember is to keep them watered; containers take a lot more watering then annuals planted into the landscape. When temperatures are warm they usually will need to be watered once a day. There are products that help reduce the amount of watering, a water polymer can be added that will absorb and release moisture later when it is needed by the plant.  Also make sure that you dump the excess water from the pot, the water contains salts that can harm your plants.  Use a good soluble fertilizer once every other week, such as Ferti∙lome Blooming and Rooting.  This will really help with the growth and health of your plants. It is also a good idea to keep plants pinched back or dead headed to keep plants compact and blooming. Coleus and petunia respond well to being pinched back so don’t be afraid to keep it cut back. Containers can add so much color to the garden, just keep them watered, fertilized, and pinched back when needed and you will be sure to have great color all season long!

I want your experience with perennials to be a good one, so I always recommend hardy plants. The peony is one plant which meets those qualifications. You can purchase peonies either as a plant in the spring and summer months, or in early September to October as a bare root.

Avery's Additions

I know it’s supposed to snow but it will soon be time to plant annuals. Beautiful bedding plants add fantastic seasonal color to any home landscape.  Whether it be a shady or sunny location there’s the right plant for your space.  There are a few methods of going about this whether it is using several heights layered into an area or a single type of plant to add a pop of color. As always, it’s a great idea to start with a plan, or as I usually do, just ‘wing it.’

Several sun options are as follows: Seed geraniums, Angelonia, Melampodium, Wave petunias, Salvia, Profusion Zinnias, and Rose moss.

Shade: Impatiens, Begonias, and Caladiums.

It’s always a great idea to fertilize your annuals in the ground with Ferti∙lome Bedding Plant Food.  This is a granular option which is easy to work in the soil and apply every couple weeks.  This is sure to keep those plants healthy and blooming.


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