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May Flowers!

  • Plant trees, shrubs, roses, tomatoes, annuals and perennials
  • Fertilize roses and begin spray program
  • Spray for sawflies on pines, including Mugho pines
  • Prune lilacs, forsythia and quince after they finish blooming
  • Spray for borers in birch, lilac and ash
  • Fertilize lawns with fertilome Greenmaker slow release fertilizer
  • Remember Mother's Day!

May 10th ,2014
Potting Party
Bring your pots and we will fill them with our premium fertilome potting soil for free and help you design a container that will bloom all summer long!

May 24th, 2014
10 am - noon - Bring measurements and pictures of an area you need help designing. Spend 15 mintues with a professional Landscape Designer! Call to sign up for your spot! 785-539-2217

Horticulture Hints

Top picks for shade perennials

Check our Garden store for great perennials for the shade! These are some great choices for your garden.


Hardy Geranium
A very tough perennial that doesn't mind heat or drought. Deer and rabbits typically pass it by in search of tastier plants. This plant blooms with pink or white flowers; some varieties also offer outstanding fall colors. We particularly like the variety Rozanne!

This pretty groundcover is grown mainly for its foliage, but also has pretty flowers. Ajuga produces glossy, dark maroon leaves and blooms spikes of blue flowers. Varieties of ‘Chocolate Chip’ and ‘Bronze’ are good choices. Grows only 6 inches tall.

Old-Fashioned Bleeding Heart
In late spring and early summer, it produces pink or white heart-shaped flowers that hang from elegant, arching stems. Grows up to 4 feet tall.

Hostas are one of the showiest and easy-to-grow perennials in the shade. They also offer the most variety of any shade plant. Choose from miniatures that stay only a couple of inches wide or giants that sprawl 6 feet across or more. Look for leaves in shades of green, blue, white, and gold with many cultivars being variegated. Some hosta flowers are very fragrant. Check out the varieties of ‘Patriot’, ‘Big Daddy’ and ‘Mouse Ears’

A great plant, lungwort earned its name from the silvery, lung-shaped spots that dot the foliage. The variegated foliage looks great all season long, but is an especially nice accent to the clusters of pink, white, or blue flowers in spring. ‘Raspberry Splash’ does especially well!

Starting in mid-spring, Lamium produces clusters of pink or white flowers. This groundcover can rebloom off and on through the summer. When it isn’t blooming the silver foliage brightens up shady corners. Lamium usually reaches 8 inches tall. Keep lamium moist and it will continue to look good. If it dries out too much, the leaves will develop brown edges.

Barrenwort are superb shade-garden plants, excellent for edging or groundcover, and that deserve a much wider use in our gardens. ‘Roseum’ forms a bushy mound of dark green leaves, and bearing delicate lilac-rose flowers in mid to late spring. Old leaves should be pruned to the ground in late winter to show the flowers to best effect. They are drought tolerant once established.

In spring, shade light up with the sky-blue flowers of Brunnera. When not in bloom, its large, textured leaves continue to look great! Check out ‘Jack Frost’ it’s leaves will brighten up a dark corner.

Liriope is an easy-to-grow favorite shade plant. It has grassy foliage of green or variegated leaves. It blooms with spikes of blue or white flowers in late summer! Makes a great border plant.

Nancy's Notebook

Beautiful Containers

For the potting party we will have our tent set up behind the greenhouses. We have lots of experts on staff to help you design your perfect container! Of course we will fill them with Fertilome potting soil free of charge and help you load and unload your pots for you! Before arriving, decide whether your pot will be sitting in the shade or sun so we can help you select the right plants for the right spot.

A general rule on container design is to have thrillers, fillers and spillers. The thrillers would be the center feature of your pot and will have some height. The fillers will be in the middle, and the spillers are what will trail down the sides of your containers. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color and textures, they make the most interesting pots.

To keep those container looking good. the most important thing to remember is to keep them watered. Containers take a lot more watering then annuals planted into the landscape. When temperatures are warm they usually will need to be watered once a day. There are products that help reduce the amount of watering, a water polymer can be added that will absorb and release moisture later when it is needed by the plant. Also make sure that you dump the excess water from the pot, the water contains salts that can harm your plants.

A good soluble fertilizer used once every other week will really help with the growth and health of your plants. We suggest fertilome Blooming and Rooting.

It is also a good idea to keep plants pinched back or dead headed to keep plants compact and blooming. Coleus and petunia respond well to being pinched back so don’t be afraid to keep it cut back. Containers can add so much color to the garden, just keep them watered, fertilized and pinched back when needed and you will be sure to have great color all season long.

Avery's Additions

I think Spring is finally here! Beautiful bedding plants add fantastic seasonal color to any home landscape. Whether it be a shady or a sunny location, there is a right plant for your space. There are a few methods of going about this, whether it is using several heights layered into an area or a single type of plant to add a pop of color. As always, it’s a great idea to start with a plan, or as I do usually do, just 'wing it.'

Several sun options are as follows: Seed geraniums, Angelonia, Melampodium, Wave petunias, Salvia, Profusion Zinnias, and Rose moss.

Shade: Impatiens, Begonias, Coleus, and Caladiums.

It’s always a great idea to fertilize your annuals in the ground with Ferti∙lome Bedding Plant Food. This is a granular option which is easy to work in to the soil and apply every couple of weeks. This is sure to keep those plants healthy and blooming.


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