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  • Plant trees,shrubs,bulbs and mums
  • Add Cottonburr compost to clay soil in your vegetable and annual gardens for better plants next year
  • Mulch strawberries and roses with straw around Thanksgiving
  • Choose from our wide selection of quality birdfeeders to keep your songbirds happy
  • Check our great gift ideas
  • Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

November 5th through the 12th
'Buy 3 Trees We Plant 'em Free'
Sale applies to container trees only. Limit 3 trees to free planting. Sale does not include ball & burlap or field stock.

December 1
Christmas Open House
10 am - Holiday decoration presentation
2 pm - Wreath making class, call to sign up. $10 fee.
We will have lots of great specials, Christmas trees, wreaths, fresh greens and a great selection of unique ornaments and gifts.  

Horticulture Hints

Fall Gardening Chores


Don’t get overwhelmed by the task of cleaning up flower and vegetable beds for the winter. Follow these basic rules and be ready to start again fresh next spring!

Winterizing the lawn

Now is the time to put the last application of fertilizer on your lawn. Although the foliage has mostly stopped growing, the plants are still making food. They store this food during the winter which allows for a much earlier green up in the spring. Winterizer is one of the most important fertilizer applications you can give your lawn.

What to do for the trees

Stake any newly planted trees that may whip around in the winter winds to help ensure a straight, well-rooted plant next year. Place a mulch ring around your tree to help retain moisture and prevent frost heaving. If you have rabbit or deer problems, it is important to protect your tree from damage by placing a guard or netting around the base.  On our field trees we use a guard which we sell at the Garden Store, this works great against pests and is easily placed around the tree. If you have a tree that may sun scald easily in the winter months, such as a soft maple, peach or cherry tree, wrap the trunk with tree wrap now to prevent cracking of the bark.

The vegetable garden

Remove all weeds, especially anything with seeds, that might cause problems next year. DON’T till the weeds in; pull up and discard. Apply 1 to 2” of compost and leave on to till in next spring. Before putting away all your tools, clean and oil them to be ready for their next use. All chemicals or fertilizers should be stored in a dry place that will not freeze.  Make notes of what performed well in your garden and what didn’t; by next season you may have forgotten that green bean variety that did so well.  Also, make a map of where you planted your vegetables this year. Next year, rotate the planting site. It is especially good to plant tomatoes in a different spot each year.

Small Engines

Drain gas engines or use a gas stabilizer to prevent gummy fuel in the spring. Take out the spark plug and replace with a new one, then clean off the battery cables with a wire brush. Sharpen your mower blade. You will be greatly rewarded in the spring if you have completed these tasks; there is nothing more frustrating than a broken lawn mower in the spring. If you would prefer a professional to get your mower ready for the winter contact our small engine department at Blueville. They can do all these chores for you, including sharpening your mower blade.

Nancy's Notebook

What to do with those perennials for the winter

Many perennials are better off left with their foliage intact over the winter rather than cutting them down to the ground. There are several reasons for this, one is the seeds can be attractive and provide food for birds. Many birds find the seeds of perennials, especially Coneflower and Rudbeckia very tasty. The stems of perennials also offer a place for some birds to hide during the winter. Leaving the stems intact also protects some marginally hardy perennials and gives them a better chance of surviving. The foliage helps to insulate the crowns. Mums also benefit from a layer of mulch around the crown. Sometimes perennials are late to emerge in the spring, and having the stems from the previous year helps you find where you planted them.

If you had any disease problems with your perennials cut back the foliage to about 3” from the soil and dispose of any foliage. Some people don’t like the looks of dead stems in their beds and it is fine to cut back most perennials. Be sure and water in well before winter, and if we do have a dry, winter and warm temperatures, drag a hose to the garden and give them a drink. Don't forget to put markers on your perennials so the next season you will know what type of plant and variety you have planted.

Thank you to everyone to came out for Fall Fields Days! We really love seeing everyone!

Avery's Additions

xmas treeFall is upon us and what a beautiful season it is! It’s time to start thinking about our song birds.  We have a great selection of quality birdseed, feeders, and accessories to accommodate your bird watching needs.

Our amaryllis bulbs have arrived.  We have boxed Amaryllis as well as loose bulbs with a great variety of colors. Shop early for the best selection of this great holiday flower. We also still have plenty of tulips, hyacinth, and crocus to choose from.  Plant bulbs now to enjoy them in the spring!

When you start thinking about Christmas gifts think about Blueville!  We have lots of great gift ideas perfect for the gardener and outdoor entertainer.  Don’t forget there’s always a Blueville Gift Card available in any amount and they never expire!  Our Christmas trees are up and are beautifully decorated with a great selection of quality ornaments as well as holiday décor. 

Also, don’t forget about the ‘Buy 3 Trees, We’ll Plant ‘em Free’ sale November 5th – 12th.  We have a great selection of container trees available and free planting is over a $100 value!   


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