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  • Fall is a Great time to plant!
  • Seed lawns - this is the best time of year to overseed or start a new lawn
  • Plant trees, shrubs, iris, peonies, mums and other perennials
  • Select bulbs now for the best selection
  • Choose a new houseplant to liven up your home or office
  • Fertilize extablished lawn with Fertilome Lawn Food + Iron
  • Continue fertilizing annuals
  • Mark your calendars for the anual Fall Field Days: October 18-19

September 14, 10 am
Cooking your Garden Crops
Learn how to cook your harvest with Ginny Barnard, MP, Riley County Extension Agent Health, Nutrition & Food Safety. Seminar is free call to sign up strong.

September 20th thru September 28th
Juniper Sale
Select upright junipers from our fields! 50% off with no warranty. Plants will be dug when weather cools. Applies to garden store sales only, and previous purchases are not eligible.

September 28th
Mum Mania
Savings on Mums and Asters!

Horticulture Hints

Seeding Your Lawn

Starting a new lawn

Now is the time to plant cool season grasses. Seeds germinate quickly in warm soil and become established before winter approaches.

To establish a new lawn, spray weeds and existing lawn with herbicide. Remove the old grass and weeds with a shovel or rented sod cutter.

Break up the soil with a rototiller, add any compost and starter fertilizer you will need, and work it thoroughly into the soil. It is important not to over-till, you do not want a powdery soil texture. Some small clods are beneficial, because as they dissolve with rain, they help soil contact with the grass seed.

Rake the ground so it is even (low spots will hold water) and remove any debris such as rocks and sticks. Use the recommended seeding rate for the type of seed you are using. Rake the seed lightly to obtain good soil contact, and if possible, rent a roller to press the seed into the soil.

Water with a fine spray, but do not create a flood! Keep the soil evenly moist, watering a couple times a day. When the grass sprouts you will still need to water a couple times a day, with slightly deeper watering.

Overseeding a lawn

When the grass reaches the recommended mowing height, it is important to mow to initiate lateral growth for a thicker lawn.

Before you overseed your lawn, mow it very short, to about 1 to 1 ½ inches tall. This will allow the seed to fall to the ground and help sunlight penetrate to the seed.

It is very beneficial to use a vertislicer to create grooves in the soil before seeding, then after laying your seed, vertislice again at a 90 degree angle.

Fertilize with New Lawn Starter and water frequently so the soil stays damp but not soaking wet. Mow when the grass reaches the appropriate height and apply fertilome Winterizer in November.

Nancy's Notebook

Planting a Fall Garden

Every year when spring arrives I say, “This is my favorite time of year!” Then fall comes and I just know this is my favorite season. The maples with their oranges and reds, the mums and pansies, and the crispness in the air; you have to love it!

Fall is a great time to plant trees and shrubs, as the cool temperatures allow plants to establish their roots without the stressful heat of summer stunting their progress. This month we are putting all our container trees on sale for 50% off.

The mums are here and about to show their colors. They are perfect for replacing those worn-out annuals! To over-winter mums as perennials, make sure you mulch them well, and plant in a sunny, well-drained area. Mums look great in containers, too, and can brighten your patio or porch.

Another great way to replace tired annuals is to plant pansies, which love the cool weather and can take the frost.

Fall is also the time to plant peonies and iris, two easy-to-grow perennials. To plant peonies, dig a hole about 18” deep and combine compost at a 1/3 ratio to the existing soil, and then plant your root 2” deep in the worked-up area. If you plant a peony too deep, it will not bloom in the following years.

Upright Junipers

Upright junipers make excellent screens, hedges and windbreaks! They thrive in hot dry conditions, and once established are very drought tolerant. When sited correctly, junipers are low maintenance. September 20th through September 28th we will placing our quality junipers on sale. They are located in our fields, and we will give you a chance to pick our your plants to be dug later this fall when temperatures are cool. The junipers will be 50% off the regular price at this time. Make sure you take advantage of these great savings! If you would like to see the varieties we carry download our catalog located on our web page at

Avery's Additions

It’s September and that means our iris rhizomes are here! Rhizome? What’s a rhizome? Well, it’s not a root or a bulb. A rhizome is actually a stem that grows horizontally at the soil surface or below ground and sends out roots from its nodes or intervals. Other plants that use rhizomes to spread or propagate are the Quaking Aspen, ferns, ginger, and Bermuda grass.

Because rhizomes are easy to grow, iris are a tried and true perennial for many gardeners. When preparing a bed for iris, choose a full sun area or an area with at least six hours of sun per day. The soil should be well drained and a neutral pH. Plan to space your iris 12-18 inches apart to give them room to grow and spread. Planting iris in groups of three makes for an attractive display. Iris rhizomes grow near the surface of the soil so it’s important to only plant the rhizomes 2-3 inches deep. Dig a round hole with a mound in the middle and cluster the rhizomes in the center with the roots draping down the sides of the mound and the fan ends toward the outside. Add a couple tablespoons of bone meal to the soil as you backfill. Water in thoroughly to remove any air pockets that can cause the rhizomes to rot. That’s it! You now have beautiful spring blooming plants that can be enjoyed in your garden or in your home as cut flowers!


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